Have we ever dated before?

https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/YS5NMX3 (Take the survey)

I asked this question along with my pregnancy survey, where I posted the results yesterday.

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I’d like to ask this question differently and not relate it to my pregnancy, so here’s a link to new survey.

https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/YS5NMX3 (Take the survey)

To the guys I’ve already met, thanks! I couldn’t continue without you. You keep the Stacey Train rolling. To the rest of you, you need to see how it is to ride the Stacey Train. So, maybe it’s not a train…more of an exclusive club. Members only.

https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/YS5NMX3 (Take the survey)

Free Date Contest

Not really, but I’d love you to share some comments about what you’d like to do if you won a free hour with me with no limits or boundaries, where I’d be your love slave sex doll and wouldn’t say no. But you only have an hour. Who knows, maybe the best answer wins a free date. LOL

Survey Results – Have We Ever Dated

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3 thoughts on “Survey Results – Have We Ever Dated

  1. If I had an hour with no limits, I’d make you come to me. I’d open the door with my cock out, and without a word you would get on your knees and I’d fuck your throat in the doorway. After you were done choking on my cock with a puddle of spit at your feet, we’d walk over to the bed and you’d grab a magnum. After you suited me up, you’d bend over the bed and spread your ass cheeks and beg me to fuck your ass. With one thrust I’d be balls deep, and I’d pound your ass until you couldn’t walk straight. After a few breaks for ass to mouth, I’d pull out and shoot a massive load in your mouth, which you would swallow. We’d wait a few moments, and as my cock got a bit softer I would piss in your mouth, which you would also swallow. As we waited for my cock to get hard again, I would choke and spank and slap you, and torture your tits until they were squirting milk. When my cock was ready, we’d finish bareback in missionary with a creampie. After a shower you would leave with my load still deep inside your pregnant pussy, and you’d smile.

  2. Free Date contest – Am not into fetishes,so should I would win that contest ,all I would request is a date without the big ‘C’.With Stacey that would be awesome.Got hard just thinking about it.What better holiday gift that would be.

  3. Hmmm… If I won a free date with you, what would I do….
    I think the first thing I would do is buy the extra hour, if that was an option.
    No holds barred? Maybe the ultimate GFE… engage in a mock couples quarrel, followed by awesome make up sex? Lol!
    Seriously, I am a GFE guy, i suppose I would want to try some kama sutra stuff and maybe some crazy oral adventures. I think the ultimate experience would be to give you the reigns, and just let you take the wheel. Have you make me YOUR sex slave… lol. That would be my pick.

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