You guys came through again. Thanks for helping with my sex survey.

It’s refreshing to know that almost everybody prefers me to be freshly showered and shaven. I was worried I might be wasting water. A few guys were hoping to join in, so I could shower afterwards.

two taps

Multiple partners

Almost everyone is open to me and another girl. About 40% want us to focus on them, and about 60% want to watch us girls have at it while you enjoy the show.

about 60% want to watch us girls have at it

Almost a third wouldn’t mind tag-teaming me with another guy. More than half are asking why stop at a threesome.


More than two-thirds of you would join in a gangbang if the conditions were right—the right girl, everyone tested or protected. Another quarter are turned on to the idea but wouldn’t necessarily join in. Perhaps they could just sit back and enjoy the show. Maybe buy admission tickets at a discount. I should have added that question.

two-thirds of you would join in a gangbang

Only one had no interest at all. Sex is strictly one-on-one.

Gangbang Stacey

Even though only two-thirds would want to join in a gangbang, almost 100% would gangbang me if they had the chance. I guess I should be flattered. The one with no interest in gangbangs is the only one who wants to keep me for himself. No judging.

almost 100% would gangbang me

Show me the money

For the last question, I wanted to know if there should be a discount or premium to gangbang me. About half thought the donation should be the same. If they are paying to be with me for an hour, then the rate shouldn’t change.

About a quarter of you felt there should be some sort of discount—between $25 and $50 less. They’d be there for an hour, but they wouldn’t have undivided attention and watching me get a bunch of other guys off wouldn’t make up the difference. Maybe if they could get MSOG, they’d see it differently.

I have better quality customers

About the same percentage felt that a premium was in order—between $50 and $100—that I should be compensated for the additional wear and tear.

To tell the truth, I thought that most guys would be asking for a discount, so I am pleasantly surprised that almost three-quarters of you felt the rate should stay the same of even be a little higher. I hope it’s just that I have better quality customers.

Does this feel about right to you? According to the survey, no one’s actually done a gangbang. Maybe this it more something for the porn industry and sex workers. Maybe I should right about my gangbang experiences. What do you guys think?

Survey Results: Multiple Partners

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6 thoughts on “Survey Results: Multiple Partners

  1. Baby you know I prefer just you but hmu if you do a mature audience gb. Bucket list and nice payday for you

      1. You would have to tell Jackhammer he has to stay the hell home. I don’t like loud noises and seems he would loosen things up for the rest of us. lol

  2. I missed this survey but I think that this was one of my favorites so far. I would definitely be ok with you and another girl. Girl on girl never interested me but if she was as sexy as you I think that would change my mind. I agree with mrme in that I prefer just you as well, but I am down for whatever when it involves you babe.

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