I’ve created a profile on TER, The Erotic Review, and I’d like to thank Boobsman for his encouragement, support, and my first review on the there. He’s a nice client. As I’ve said here before, I’ve got some awesome clients—and let’s not talk about the not-so-great ones, so we don’t spoil the moment. I’d created a profile a while ago, but I needed a review to make it all happen.

TER ID: 352777

You can see my profile here (TER ID: 352777), and if you’re a member, you can read my reviews—any reviews, really. Basic membership is free, and you can see providers’ profiles, but you can only read a reviews summary (general details) not ‘The Juicy Details’, which is what you really want to read. If you want to see what you get for free, take a look at Boobsman’s review. If you are already a VIP member, then you can read the whole thing.

I benefit if you write me a good review

To read reviews, you need a VIP membership. These memberships cost, but you can get 30 days of membership by submitting 2 reviews. They seem to be running about $30 a month, though they have quarterly and annual plans available. Sadly. I don’t get anything if you sign up or write a review, but I benefit if you write me a good review, so you can still help for no cost to you, and if you can review a second provider, then you’ve got yourself a free month of a decent screening service.


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12 thoughts on “TERriffic

      1. I’ve texted you a bunch over the last 5 days but haven’t heard back at all. Hopefully I didn’t do something to piss you off before we’ve even met.

  1. Hey Stacey….I just did a review for you on The Erotic Review. I hope all is well since last we spoke. I will see you soon and be safe baby.

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