Despite posting that I am taking an indefinite break, I’ve had several guys showing up banging on my door or incessantly ringing the doorbell, and some of them I know have read my posts and know that I am not currently seeing customers.

showing up without an invitation is not OK

Even if I was seeing customers, showing up without an invitation is not OK. Even if you have a reservation for a certain time, you still need to wait until I give you the OK—for all the obvious reasons that I’ve posted about before.

Texting me to say you’ll stop by at such and so time is not an invitation. If I don’t respond, it is not an invitation.

If I don’t respond, it is not an invitation

Parking in the street or my driveway without a date is stalk-y and laying on the horn is beyond words. This is the reason I didn’t want to host out of my house in the first place. It’s even worse when guys disrespect my privacy.

And when guys know that I am not even open of business and still show up? What can I say?

Time Out

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7 thoughts on “Time Out

  1. People don’t seem to have any respect these days. It’s not like you’re a fuck doll ready to roll when the urge hits them. Very simple process… Call, make an appointment, and follow the lady’s instructions.

  2. And I was so supportive of you getting your own place. I never imagined this type of BS would happen. Such an invasion on your life and so sorry to hear this is happening.

  3. I admit I tried to stop by not for a date but to see if she needed money… she informed me that her phone was off so I had no way to let her know I was coming….I was trying to be a friend and at least get her phone back on….

  4. My remedy for uninvited guests: the Remington 870 express tactical home defence shotgun. If the sweet sound of throwing one round in the chamber don’t get them running, I don’t know what will.
    Not saying you should shoot anyone.

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