Some boys love toys. I know I am a favorite boy toy for a lot of guys. And everyone has their favorites: pickup trucks, boats, guns, guitars, dildos, or me. I like my toys, too.

dildos are personal

On my Safer Sex post, someone asked in the comments whether I have a strap-on. I Obviously, I do have sex toys and some of them are sharing. But strap-ons are not for sharing. Besides, some toys, especially dildos, are personal.

As I responded to the comment, I can peg the fuck out of your ass, if that’s what you are into, but you need to bring your own dildo. I know you can put condoms on dildos, but still…

bring your own dildo

I think I can speak for guys because I think it’s probably the same for girls. Speaking for myself, there is a difference between a plastic, rubber, silicone, or glass dildo.

Maybe you are into stainless steel or ice. So there’s that.

Maybe you just want a tiny pinkie-size dildo in your ass.

Maybe you want to take something a bit larger.

Or thicker.

Or long and thick

Or maybe you are just looking for something more average-size.

And there’s color…

I don’t discriminate, but maybe you want me to fuck you with a big black cock (BBC).

or a white cock.

They make purple and pink ones, too.

Or rainbows

And clear ones.

And there’s style…

Maybe you prefer to be reamed by an uncut cock.

Maybe it needs to ejaculate

Maybe you don’t want to be pegged by a cock shape.

Maybe the grocery store was out of vegetables.

Maybe, some hentai tentacle dildo is more up your alley

Maybe you’d prefer it to look more like a vibrator.

Or maybe it needs to be a vibrator.

If you are afraid your wife or girlfriend will find it if you keep it at your house, I’d be happy to label it and store it for you at my place for our private sessions. I’ll let you wash it before storage.

But keep in mind, if you bring any of these, they are for you. They aren’t for sharing on me or on anyone else. If you want to gift me one for my personal use or for photos or videos, I’d love one, but if they are for me to use on me, I won’t be using them on you or anyone else.

I am thinking that another survey may be in order…

Toys! Toys! Toys!

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