Thanks to those who’ve responded to my surveys, this one in particular.

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I started to write this a couple days after the survey was posted, and almost everyone said they’d rather pay a higher price than get an up-charge, but then other guys took it and the balance tipped the other way, and it’s about even with a few more guys preferring the lower rate with add-ons.

One of the biggest items was that no one wanted to be surprised by an up-charge. That’s understandable. I post my donations, and tell pretty much everyone to visit my rates page. I don’t like surprises either. I just want to be fair.

Many guys entered comments, so I’ll answer them tomorrow, so come back if you want to see my responses.

When I first starting seeing the survey results come in, I was really surprised that most guys who responded said they’d prefer to pay a higher donation rather than be up-charged. Of course, this means the guys who don’t care about the up-charge end up feeling they might be over-paying. I thought I was clear, but I seriously hope that these guys aren’t thinking they’d get these services for my current basic rates. Let me know what you think in the comments section.

To put it in perspective, here are some of my current rates for basic services.

HH (30 mins)150190
HR (60 mins)210250

And I charge about 100 more for GFE, PSE, fetish, and photos.
I charge 150 more for Greek.

So, I’d like to understand what the one-price guys are thinking. When you say you prefer a single higher rate, what would you feel is fair? Is there something you feel should still qualify for an up-charge? (Take the survey)

Keep in mind that some guys would try to get all of the current up-charge activities for free, so in order to remain whole, I’d need to account for that. For many of these guys, they’d be trying to get GFE, PSE, fuck my ass, and want me to wear fuck-me pumps and piss on them in their diapers while videoing the whole thing. Is that something you’d want built into the higher rate you’d be willing to pay?

For many of these guys, they’d be trying to get GFE, PSE, fuck my ass, and want me to wear fuck-me pumps and piss on them in their diapers while videoing the whole thing.

Escort Stacey

If you think about it, from my perspective, I’d need to at the very least charge 400 to account for the guys who would assume they could get “free” anal sex if I eliminate the up-charge. Would you feel OK paying for the guy who is too cheap to pay for anal but will take it when it’s in the price…especially if you aren’t even into it?

I think that most guys who want the no-up-charge donation might be thinking that they don’t want to pay more for GFE, but they aren’t thinking about the other up-charges. I’m interesting in understanding, so I continue to be the best provider around and still be fair. So, take this survey, and let me know what you think is fair. And thanks! (Take the survey)

Up-Charges Survey Results

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4 thoughts on “Up-Charges Survey Results

  1. There are a few ladies out there that offer a full menu (gce.pse,Greek. etc ) at a single but different rates .Some between $400 _$600 and up.A very small number offer such for less ,but the quality may not be good as Stacey.

    For guys that are on a budget and those who are not interested in all services,the present option may be best for you.Am sure you don’t really want to pay for something you are not interested in..

    And it’s better for Stacey too because a ‘one rate fits all’ can mean far less dates..
    So look at rates and quality guy’s before making a decision.And for those of you who are P411 members you may understand what am talking about..Or even those of you that were members of before it got lack out in the U.S…but can still be viewed using VPN app .

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