I’ve written about and around this before, but if you haven’t dated me, what should you expect?

First, you’ll have submitted a screening form, so I know something about you and your interests. As a rule of thumb, don’t schedule more than an hour for a first date. A half hour might even be enough for some. Less is not enough, and more is too much.

don’t schedule more than an hour for a first date

If we haven’t met—and you wouldn’t need to read this if we already have—, we’ll most likely not meet at my place. We’ll get comfortable somewhere else—maybe your place or a hotel if I happen to be hosting.

Check out my donations page for details, but unless you are getting a premium service, what you can expect on a first date is a CBJ and maybe CFS. Depending how things go, future dates may be different.

Greek is not a standard service

Basic services do not include some obvious items, but some guys are surprised that I don’t include kissing or DATY. These are GFE premium services. And unless you are paying for fetish or PSE, sex is going to be pretty vanilla. And you know Greek is not a standard service.

Wait, what?

Why only a CBJ, and why only maybe CFS? If I could, I’d probably just CFS 100% of the time. It’s my preference, but I know some guys prefer blowjobs and some guys need a little kick-start for the main course. But some guys are just too big for FS. A few of my clients have big cocks and they know who they are if they are reading this. (Big boys should feel free to take bragging rights in the comments below. I’d mention you myself, but I don’t want to call anyone out even if it puts you in a positive light.) I’ve let a few try to fuck my pussy, but it’s nothing personal if it doesn’t work. I’ve even let a few attempt my ass, but it it doesn’t fit in my pussy, it’s definitely not fitting in my ass. As I said, I’d prefer to just get fucked, so if I am only sucking your cock, it’s my loss if you think about it that way.

my pussy is very tight

As anyone who’s fucked me will tell you, my pussy is very tight. Think of it like this.

If you’re on the small side, my pussy will feel snug.

If you’re medium size, my pussy will feel tight.

I’m a small girl. If you are big, my pussy will feel like a vice or boa constrictor if you can even fit it in at all. I’ll decide whether to even try, but rest assured, my mouth is always available as a fallback plan.

my mouth is always available

OK, you are asking yourself, but I read all your reviews, and guys are raving about BBBJ skills. What’s up with that?

BBBJ is reserved for cocks I am comfortable sucking, and this is almost always after the first date. There are many things I consider, but that you are not comfortable wearing a condom is not one of them. I’ve gotten off thousands of cocks wearing condoms—some who’ve tried that excuse—, so I’m not likely to fall for that. You might have had problems cumming with a condom before, but I can probably make you cum. If not, getting a BBBJ will still depend on other factors.

I’ve gotten off thousands of cocks

Whether you qualify depends on my mood and my general sense of your hygiene. If you don’t qualify for a BBBJ and CBJ doesn’t seem to work, we’ll have to settle for a bare handjob.

While I’m writing about BBBJ, this doesn’t mean BBBJCIM. Again, if I take your load in my mouth, it’s because I am comfortable taking it. It’s pretty simple. If you taste bad, I’m not likely to give you a second shot.

Premium Services

What about premium services? I’m fine with premium services on a first date, but that’s up to you. I’d recommend seeing if you and I click first, but it’s your money. A lot of guys have had great first times with premium services, so it’s your call.

understand what you’re getting

In the end, just make sure you understand what you’re getting. I don’t want you to leave disappointed because you thought you were getting something you didn’t sign up for.

A word to the wise: don’t beg. Don’t try leading with things like “so and so doesn’t charge for this” or “nobody up-charges for that”. If you know someone who will do this or that for you, have at it. I don’t do price-matching. Not to be “all that”, but I know most of the other girls in the area. I’ve even duo’d with a few of them. I know what they do, how good they do it, and what they charge. I also know that sometimes they offer specials and deals. I do, too, sometimes.

Does this sound fair? In any case, let me know in the comments below.

What’s a Date?

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8 thoughts on “What’s a Date?

  1. Stacey – are you saying GFE for first date is “wasted” – no BBBJ, kissing or DATY? Obviously still hoping for that first date with you!

    1. GFE covers kissing and DATY, but if you don’t pay for it, don’t expect it. My point was that you may want to meet me first to get comfortable before paying for GFE. But if you prefer just to jump right in, no one’s stopping you.

      BBBJ is not part of GFE or PSE or anything. As you can tell from the reviews, plenty of guys get BBBJ, but some guys just aren’t going to get that level of service. That’s going to depend on the factors I mention in the post. Make sense?

  2. I’ve been trying to upload a picture for your screening form. I can not figure out how to do it. Could you explain how to drag a picture to the form. Thank you.

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