Some guys prefer SS/QV, short stays or quick visits. I tend to prioritize HH and HR over SS, so if you are having trouble getting a SS date, it’s probably because I am getting HH ad HR dates instead. 

When times are slower, I’ll start responding to SS. Or maybe I’ve got the time to fill between longer dates, so I can squeeze you in. 

Some regulars prefer a few SSs a week, and I know this and work with them. (You know who you are.) If we haven’t met or have only met a few times, you may have trouble getting a response from me. 

Also, SS are best for incalls. Outcall SS takes a lot of time out of my day and can interfere with other things going on, which is another reason they are not a priority for me. 

One last thing: except for regulars, SS is not a thing you schedule in advance. It’s usually something you squeeze in at the last minute and I happen to have an opening. If I’m in the right mood—like I was last month—, I’ll run a SS special or even a BJ special. If SS (or BJs) are your thing, then keep an eye open for these specials. 

Meantime, think about staying for a longer visit. Don’t be a stranger. 

What’s up with SS / QV?

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