Let’s be honest here. Most women don’t like prostitutes. Many are jealous. They prefer exclusivity and don’t want the competition. To be fair, a lot of prostitutes hate other prostitutes for the same reasons, but I’d like to talk about the wives and girlfriends.

Most women don’t like prostitutes

In monogamous relationships, there is a presumption that each party will only have sex with the other. There is a sort of reciprocal monopoly happening—she can only get sex from you and you from her.

But what happens when she decides to hold out for some reason? Your sex supplier has shut down for the night or the week or the month. Maybe it’s not even malicious. Maybe she’s sick, in hospital, or out of town. Still, you have needs. Now what?

Prostitutes are just doing their jobs: you come, you pay, you cum, and you go. Pretty simple.

According to your commitment, you wait it out. It’s like the deal you made with your friend who owns the bar down the street. He gives you some free beers as long as you only drink at his place. But his place is closed for renovations. And you are getting thirsty. He won’t find out that you got a few brewskees from the place down the road. I mean he wasn’t available right? It’s like that.

So, your exclusive supplier is down for the count, and you are left holding the bag…or something like that. But let’s try this scenario instead…

She’s pissed at you because you were out with your buds too long, so she’s not gonna put out. What are you gonna do? Sure, you could go clubbing, or hit up some exes, but what’s easier? Checking out CityX, Erotic Monkey, or your favorite site to see who’s active probably, right? Much easier. If you already have some escorts on speed dial, you start calling or texting. I hope you have me saved.

she doesn’t want access to sex to be that easy

The point is that she doesn’t want access to sex to be that easy. She wants you to ‘be nice’ and apologize or bring her flowers or come home earlier next time she calls. She wants to be able to call the shots. And what can you do about it? Right.

There are safety reasons, but prostitutes are much safer in some ways than an ex or a side piece. First, the risk of attachment is lower. Prostitutes are just doing their jobs: you come, you pay, you cum, and you go. Pretty simple.

satisfaction guaranteed

Unless you’ve got a booty call arrangement, who knows what’s gonna happen. Even if your replacement plan puts out, who knows how long it will take and how much it will cost. And did you really wanna fuck her, or was it just hitting what happened to be available? And what if you put in a couple hours and a few bucks and she doesn’t put out? Do you go home with your tail between your legs, or do you try someone else and roll the dice and hope for better results. Or do you hit up a prostitute who will have you satisfied in no time, satisfaction guaranteed.

Women don’t like that. Most want to be the only game in town, so they are jealous that someone else might be so easily available. So not only don’t they like prostitutes, they need to announce to the rest of the world that they don’t like prostitutes—that we are low class or sleazy or dangerous or who knows what else.

prostitutes are women, just like they are

But prostitutes are women, just like they are. And unattached girls are haters, too, because they figure that if pussy was tougher to get, they’d have a better chance of getting attached.

But don’t hate us. Be nicer. Be more considerate. Don’t be holier than thou, some Prima Donna. And if you get upset, don’t use sex as a weapon because other women have the same ammunition, and your man can unload somewhere else.

don’t use sex as a weapon

What do you think?

Why do women hate prostitutes?

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7 thoughts on “Why do women hate prostitutes?

  1. I would say that communication is key in every relationship. If things aren’t going well in the bedroom, for whatever reason, you really have to talk things out. In general, relationships are hard. Like really, really hard. If you’re not getting laid there’s generally a logical reason for it and you shouldn’t just go see a prostitute unless you have an understanding, at least in my opinion. I’ve talked it through and I don’t have “permission” per se, but I do have an understanding.

    I’m not getting laid enough, through no fault of my wife’s. She knows it and it upsets her very much that she can’t keep up. But she knows she can’t, and seeing someone is far more desirable than me dating and maybe falling in love with someone else.

    Guess I’m lucky? I am so grateful I found someone I like, it’s very important for things to just… Work. You’re a great person and don’t ever let anyone tell you different.

    1. So true that communication is important, but not everyone is able to communicate, especially if it’s about feelings. Sometimes, when feelings get hurt, people tend to lash out—like a wounded animal—even if you weren’t the one to hurt them, even if you are trying to be there and listen.

      The understanding part is difficult. Some women are not going to ever ‘understand’. They are thinking for better and for worse, and just deal with it. Some women say the understand until you take the option, and then she doesn’t. The understanding didn’t include her, just some hypothetical other people.

      I am not trying to steal anyone’s man. I am just a kind soul who likes to help people. I am a good listener, and this is how I help. I’ve said it before. It’s like being a nurse or a therapist. Unfortunately, I am not covered by any insurance plans that I know of. Thanks Obama. lol

      1. Kind soul indeed. And point taken, you get no judgement from me for sure. Would be nice if Obamacare covered prostitution though…

  2. This is a complex topic. Women hate “other women” more than escorts in my opinion. Escorts don’t threaten a relationship as much as a g/f or side chick would.Obviously escort receive money a wife or g/f would prefer being spent on them and seeing an escort is a form of cheating but in some ways a wife may perceive their man is seeing her due to her own shortcomings(ie appearance, skills act). I was married to two beautiful women and never felt neglected nor did I cheat.I know some guys are neglected and get what is missing at home but I assume many of the wives and g/f ‘s in those situations become insecure and rather than accept blame they project blame on prostitutes and other women for their own issues and failures.But, as they say and was shown by Tiger Woods, it don’t matter how good and hot your g/f or wife is, the fantasy(desire? action?) of being with other women never goes away.Also some guys are too bashful to expose some fetishes to their partner and see prostitutes to live out those requests.I know of some wives who prefer not to be bothered with sex and rather their man see an escort rather than lose the marriage. I could go on and on..You are on my speed dial.

    1. Good point, but I’d say that women ‘hate’ other women, but they hate escorts even more because of the availability. And yes, a woman would prefer you to not spend money on a escort that could have been spent on her, but the same thing could be said for golf clubs, computer games, or pretty much anything that wasn’t for her. Am I right?

      I agree that some women (at least say) they’d rather have a proxy put on as long as she gets the rest of the benefits of the relationship. I wrote about this before: I know some women have medical issues, psychological issues, and aging doesn’t help from what I understand—post-menopause, but some women just want to opt out. They aren’t particularly thrilled with the relationship, but they are afraid of leaving and being alone and maybe supporting themselves, so they stay and hope the guy feels the same.

      It’s all more complicated that I am making it seem. I am just trying to make a few points.

  3. Everything said are points well taken but the money thing is more personal if spent on an escort than a set of golf clubs.As my second wife used to say fuc**** was her job.She couldn’t compete with a set of golf clubs but being bi-polar she was much more challenging and exciting than any video game lol. That being said I’ll take you over the golf clubs every time!!

  4. Yes most of these women hate because of the alternative ,the availability ,the competition, the ability of these girls to do what guys want and do it way better in most cases and without strings attached .One of the most prevalent problem in relationships (in my opinion) is that after a few years the passion,the spark ,the fireworks (so to speak) ,is not there anymore. The woman becames too much of a lady in some cases, and don’t do the things she used to do for her man.But then again ,outside of the ordinary, it may not be her fault totally, considering the many factors that cause this ; age,children, man don’t treat her as good as he use to , financial problems, health problems …etc .,etc.

    Make sure you know your women well enough If you’re thinking about telling her you’re getting pussy outside the relationship.Even if she agrees ,you just never know, because women don’t like to feel inadequate, and are jealous creatures ,which can lead to trust issues going forward.
    Some women will suspect , but they don’t want to known, so be careful about opening Pandora’s box.

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