A fan ordered me my first wishlist item.
You’ll never guess what it is. (OK, it’s what’s pictured with this post. 😂) The good news is that it does remove the item from the list. Actually, it moves it to the bottom of the list and removes the BUY button, so you can see what it is, and we don’t have to worry about getting multiples of the same item, which is something I was concerned about.

I also have a couple of polls running on my OnlyFans page.

  1. Should I offer a free month subscription if you order something from my wishlist?
  2. If you do order me something from my wishlist, what would you prefer me to do to give you thanks?

If you are don’t have an OnlyFans subscription, let me know how you’d answer these questions in the comments section. Even if you have a subscription, why not share here, too? I’ll share the poll results here in about a week.

Wish List First Gift

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