Thank you, guys, for completing my yoga pants survey. I’ll leave it open for a while longer, but this is the trend so far. If you disagree, then cast your own vote, and if it changes enough, I’ll publish the updated results.

What sexy outfit would you prefer a date to wear when she meets you at the door?

Guys had many preferences, but slightly more preferred lingerie. Even so, there were a lot of guys who prefer yoga pants. Other favorites were schoolgirl outfits, corsets and stockings, and a tight black dress. Surprisingly, nude was not a contender. And no one seems to be into cosplay costumes. Not surprisingly, snowsuits are not a not.

All of this is good because I love to dress up sexy. And no one likes lingerie more than I do. I am very comfortable being nude, but I prefer to fuck in lingerie, especially with leggings and high heals.

Do you like seeing a woman in yoga pants?

It seems that a good number of guys do appreciate a woman in yoga pants, and for some, they are their favorite. For others, they are just another possible fashion option. Of course, yoga pants can be worn in public without creating too much of a fuss.

If you have an opinion on yoga pants, why do you like them on a sexy woman?

Although, pretty much everybody answered all of the above:

  • Accentuates Ass
  • Outlines Body
  • Shows off thigh gap
  • Shows off camel toe

Camel toe seemed to score a little higher than the rest, so I created a camel toe survey to collect your thoughts, and that’s been getting a lot of responses itself..

But I want to see you wearing yoga pants…

If you can’t wait until I buy my own yoga pants, you can always bring me a pair, and I’ll be happy to model them for you, and then I’ll even have them for the next time you show up.

You can find my measurements on my wishlist page, but for the record, I wear a small or x-small:

32C – 28 – 32

Yoga Pants (Survey Results)

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7 thoughts on “Yoga Pants (Survey Results)

  1. When we first met you answered the door essentially naked, I’ve been hooked since. Don’t matter much what you wear to me, still get turned on instantly.

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